BLS Golf Beats Bedford and Waltham


Co-ed varsity golf team wins their matches against Bedford and Waltham.

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a close to schools nationwide, along with many fall sport modifications and cancellations. Nonetheless, golf was one sport that could compete this fall. Although there were certain modifications such as no buses to games and mandatory masks, the Boston Latin School golf team was able to play relatively freely from September through November. The last game of the season, however, was cancelled, bringing an abrupt end to the season.

Even though their season was brought to an early end, they were able to rack up a winning record of 5-3, defeating teams like Bedford and Waltham. Led by Captains Noel Gallagher (I) and Owen Leahy (II), the team was able to have an outstanding season despite all the changes and pressure in their everyday lives.

The end of the season left a sour taste in the mouths of all the members of BLS Golf, but there were many positives to take away from the year. Leahy says that it was a “great season overall, huge turnout at tryouts resulted in a boost in morale. We had plenty of kids stepping up and succeeding under these new rules and regulations we had to follow. With our season cut short, we missed out on our last match against Bedford, unfortunately. Noel was an excellent captain, and we were basically a dynamic duo out there on the course. I will miss all the seniors leaving.”

Leahy had a stupendous year, leading the team as a captain for the first time as a junior. He scored a season high of 16 against Wayland, scoring three birdies during the match. Another notable player, Colin Abdow, scored his season high of 15 against Bedford.

As the season wrapped up, many of the seniors had a lot to say about the sudden end to the season and the season as a whole. Roan Tilton (I) says, “You know, you got to go out there and try to hit one as far as possible, and that basically sums up my goal for the season, try to hit bombs.”

The team had to overcome many things such as the new rule changes, the lack of transportation and the season’s unexpected end, but they still made the best out of what they had and enjoyed it. When asked how the season went, Sean McCarthy (I) says, “everyone went out there and had some fun.”

Despite a season that seemed like a step back from previous years, BLS Golf fought through adversity and found positives in the games that were handed to them. They became closer as a team, creating new friendships and even connecting through social media, most notably through the BLS Golf Instagram. The golf players developed a brotherhood through the sport that they love to play and created competition among themselves and the rest of the teams they played.