Parasite (2019) Movie Review

Parasite (2019) directed by Bong Joon-ho


Disclaimer: Parasite is rated R for “language, some violence and sexual content,” according to the Motion Picture Association.


Movie overall: 4.7 / 5

Screenplay: 4.7 / 5 

Acting: 4.8 / 5

Music: 4.4 / 5


  • I really enjoyed how the actors portrayed the characters, especially the ones playing the Kim family (the poorer family). It was cool to see how manipulative they were, and I thought they were very intelligent.
  • Parasite was a movie that I truly felt had everything. It deserved the recognition it got and maybe even more. The way the movie was filmed and all the angles made me, as a viewer, extremely attentive. Plot twist after plot twist with the thrilling music in the background practically forced me to keep watching at all times. I really enjoyed the plot and the acting of the cast, but I believe camerawork played a big part in the movie too (especially the scene where the intruder’s eyes appear above the stairs). I think each character was portrayed well, and I was convinced by the acting of all. I truly think this movie was historical, and I’m glad that it got recognition as a foreign film too!
  • As a Korean, I enjoyed the nuanced humor and commentary that Bong Joon Ho incorporated into the film. I felt that this movie found a very good balance, making it accessible to foreign viewers but not pandering to the Western audience either.
  • Parasite was probably one of the most impactful movies I’ve watched purely based on message, cinematography, plot points, etc. Though I usually don’t enjoy watching intense drama based movies, I have to say that Parasite was one of the most clear cut and chilling drama movies that I really enjoyed watching.
  • This movie was acted out SO well, and I loved everything about it! The plot was amazing, the actors were so good at their respective roles and the scenes were all set wonderfully!
  • This film is one of my all-time favorites. From the beginning I was immediately sucked into its at first amusing story of a poor family infiltrating a rich one for gain, and then the chaos that followed. The moment things began to change, I was transfixed in horror, suspense and wonder. The cinematography and plot of the movie were great — I really felt as though I was part of Joon-ho’s world — but most impressive of all was the emotional impact of this movie, which was immense (or else I just shouldn’t have watched it at night).
  • ELITE plot twists, had me laughing, crying and amazed.
  • Twisty and turny
  • No, it is so good
  • I adore every aspect of the movie Parasite. There are so many details that can be easily missed, even in watching the movie over repetitively. Additionally, the movie uses a lot of symbolism to convey the division between the upper and lower class (i.e. the rock, phrase stairs, sunlight, smell and even housing). One interesting thing I picked up after my third watch is the constant split in screen between the Park and Kim family. Whether it’s a split in the glass that separates them, or the background, this line represents the border which the Kim family must not cross between the role of employer and employee.
  • The ending was unnecessarily long.
  • The symbolism displayed through the movie’s cinematography was a pure masterpiece.
  • I loved the rain when they ran home.
  • I thought it was really interesting, and it really made me think. Although I did look away during the killing scene, and I felt so bad for some of their deaths.
  • I liked how the movie played with dynamic storytelling and suspense leading up to fast-paced action to create a thrilling and fun-to-watch, but also deep and meaningful movie.
  • I thought the movie was amazing, their acting was phenomenal and the music was suspenseful and thrilling. It was amazing to follow the twists and turns. It was nothing how I expected it to be, which made it such a great film. 10/10!
  • The movie had a really good ending, and I liked how it left you thinking about it after.
  • It is difficult to grasp the art of a mood. Yet, sometimes, this can make or break a film. People like a movie with a mood. Bong Joon-ho has clearly perfected his complete mastery of the craft. Parasite will not be forgotten due to its captivating presence.
  • In addition to the acting and directing, Parasite was unique in its numerous metaphors that expose the issues of classism.
  • I love how the two families slowly swap places, and the cycle renews.
  • I loved how the camera work was specifically done to show the contrasting homes, which emphasized different social classes.
  • Parasite was funny, and it was very unexpected and creative. Overall, it was well blended with the acting, screenplay and cinematography. I also liked how none of the scenes were boring. Though, I didn’t like how shallow the conversations were.
  • I thought it was well-done. The acting was convincing, and the plot was creative. I can understand the hype around Parasite, but I would have to watch the rest of the Best Picture nominees before concluding that it deserved the award.