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No, Breaks Shouldn’t Be Longer and Less Frequent

By Mia White (II), Contributing Writer February 6, 2023

Breaks from school are a universal joy that every student looks forward to. These periods provide a chance to step back from work and, more importantly, to cherish time with family and friends. Fortunately,...

Yes, Breaks Should Be Longer and Less Frequent

By Benjamin Jacobson (III), Contributing Writer February 6, 2023

Students often complain about school breaks being too short. In Massachusetts, there is a requirement of 180 school days per year. With the summer vacation, weekends and holidays, that leaves only a few...

Lunch 3

By Tessa Reidy (III), Contributing Writer November 24, 2022

In a whirl of stressful assignments and frustrating classes, lunch is a joyous time for students to recharge and relax. There is no better lunch period than Lunch 3 for them to do just that. A typical...

Lunch 2

By Benjamin Jacobson (III), Contributing Writer November 24, 2022

The Boston Latin School community is remarkably diverse, but there is one spectacular thing that binds everyone together: lunch. Lunch is that special time during school hours where students are able to...

Lunch 1

By Angelina Wei (IV), Contributing Writer November 24, 2022

Food is a necessity in daily life, and many Boston Latin School students are famished by the end of R4. Lunch 1 provides a mental break, allowing students to recharge at the optimal time — not too early...

Food Fight!

November 24, 2022

No, Money Cannot Buy Happiness

By Michelle Wang (III), Assistant Editor June 19, 2022

Think of the last time you bought a shirt you really wanted. For the next few days, you were excited about the newest addition to your closet and smiled at the thought of the trendy outfits you would experiment...

Yes, Money Can Buy Happiness

By Mary Harrington (II), Contributing Writer June 19, 2022

In a capitalistic society driven by wealth, money becomes a tool to make people happy. It can boost contentment by enabling people to obtain material goods, financial security and personal enjoyment. In...

Yes, BPS Should Lift Its Mask Mandate

By Thomas Oakes (IV), Contributing Writer April 17, 2022

Within a week of Governor Charlie Baker’s announcement that the statewide mask mandate for schools would be lifted, over 120 school districts across Massachusetts announced they would be lifting mandatory...

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