Kelsey and Maggie’s Corner


(Source: Kelsey Chen (I))

By Kelsey Chen (I) and Maggie Olson (I)

How do I avoid walking around the entire floor before finding my classroom? – Lost Sixie

Hi Lost Sixie,

Simple, if you want to avoid walking the entire floor, get some Heelys! Not only will you forgo walking, but you’ll also be the coolest person at Boston Latin School. Students all across the school will be in awe at your amazing shoes.

Of course, we understand this might become a problem when you are trying to roll down the congested hallways. We have a solution: hoverboards.

Popular in 2015 and even more useful now. Just be careful while you’re cruising down the BLS halls. Hoverboards have a reputation for being combustible, and we wouldn’t want to set off any fire alarms now, would we?

If you actually want to avoid round-school trips every time you need to get to another class, however, we recommend learning multiple ways to get to your classes. That way, you’ll learn all the shortcuts around the building, and you’ll even avoid the packed main staircases because you’ll know the quiet ones. And if you do think you’re even remotely near getting lost, ask someone before it’s too late. Yes, it can be too late. Whether it’s a teacher or another student, they’ll probably know how to get there as fast as possible, and they’re always eager to help. Hope this helps!


Do you have any advice on how to get involved in clubs? Which ones should I join? – Anon


Well, if you’re reading this, congrats! You’ve found your way to the Argo booth at the EC Fair! We are definitely not biased, but the Argo is a great place to start (especially the Arts and Entertainment section). You could also take this time and walk around to look at other clubs!

In all honesty, BLS has a ton of different clubs, so you’ll definitely find something that interests you. Really, some of the weirdest clubs exist. Do you like toads? Join BLS Toads. Like Avatar the Last Airbender? Join the Avatar the Last Airbender Fan Club. Like the Charles River? You’ll love the crew team.

If you’re really ambitious, you could even start your own!  If you do, please restart the Lettuce club; we miss it.  Even if you aren’t a new student, you can still join clubs!


Can someone tell me where I can find the 4th floor pool? – iHeartLedecky

Great question, iHeartLedecky!

If you go up that staircase — you know the one that’s really long, kinda old, a little bit dusty? Yep, right up those stairs, and you’ll get to the pool. Once you get to the right door, there’ll also be a big red sign pointing in the right direction. You can’t miss it!

It’s not the most magnificent pool, but for what it is, it’s nice. You can swim, read a book or nap on the chairs. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see some of the wildlife: the rats, the cockroaches and the occasional spiders.

Of course, we don’t actually recommend going to the fourth floor pool. It’s usually quiet so if you do make it up there, you won’t find too much. Not to mention, the fourth floor has TERRIBLE cell service!

*Disclaimer* Kelsey and Maggie are not responsible for any attempts to locate the fourth floor pool.

*Disclaimer 2*  The fourth floor pool is, in fact, fictional.