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Lunch 2

The Boston Latin School community is remarkably diverse, but there is one spectacular thing that binds everyone together: lunch. Lunch is that special time during school hours where students are able to relax, brought together by food and friendship. While lunch is a glorious time, not all lunches are created equal.

Put simply, Lunch 2 is the far superior lunch because of how it enhances the R5 class period and positions an ideal time to eat. While other lunches may have their pros and cons, absolutely nothing can compare to Lunch 2. If Lunch 1 and 3 were hills, Lunch 2 would be Mount Everest.

Lunch 2 is able to improve the R5 experience in a way that no other lunch can. As Eleonora Ricciarini (III) says, “Second lunch is the best; it makes R5 feel like 5 seconds.” Indeed, the lunch break makes R5 seem shorter and smoothes out the flow of the day.

A study by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that breaks can increase productivity by boosting attention span and preventing stress. Although it can be argued that Lunch 1 and 3 are also breaks, the intermission within a class that Lunch 2 offers is much more effective, given that R5 is a longer period. Second lunch gives you a break in the middle of the day while simultaneously preparing your academic mindset for R6 and R7. 

The beauty of Lunch 2 comes from its balance. As mentioned, each student is different; some may get hungry and want to eat sooner, while others may get hungry later. Consequently, in Lunches 1 and 3, people will either not be hungry enough or starve for the duration of class. Lunch 2 is a middle ground that allows for an optimal amount of satisfaction.

Also, second lunch happens at the optimal time. Lunch 1 happens too early, beginning around 11, and much time is wasted during the chaotic transition from R4 to R5. Lunch 3, on the other hand, happens way too late, beginning past 12. Lunch 2 is the perfect in-between.

While some may argue that Lunch 1 is better because of its freshly cleaned and untouched tables, BLS students do a reasonably good job at maintaining cleanliness. The lunch monitors are also present to make sure everyone picks up after themselves. The issue of food running out should  also not be a factor because all the food is evenly portioned for each lunch.

Despite third lunch making the rest of the day feel shorter, it is a hassle to frantically sprint to your next class when 800 students are filing out of the dining hall in unison. Lunch 2 provides for a much less aggressive walk between classes.

Not only is second lunch the most ideal time slot, but it also makes the school day feel much more enjoyable, providing the best compromise between work and rest.

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