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Food Fight!

Lunch 3

By Tessa Reidy (III), Contributing Writer

In a whirl of stressful assignments and frustrating classes, lunch is a joyous time for students to recharge and relax. There is no better lunch period than Lunch 3 for them to do just that. A typical day for a student starts as early as 6:00 A.M. and may end late into the night. Third lunch is the optimal time for lunch at Boston Latin School as it ensures that the body feels fed for longer and the d...

Lunch 2

By Benjamin Jacobson (III), Contributing Writer

The Boston Latin School community is remarkably diverse, but there is one spectacular thing that binds everyone together: lunch. Lunch is that special time during school hours where students are able to relax, brought together by food and friendship. While lunch is a glorious time, not all lunches are created equal. Put simply, Lunch 2 is the far superior lunch because of how it enhances the R5 clas...

Lunch 1

By Angelina Wei (IV), Contributing Writer

Food is a necessity in daily life, and many Boston Latin School students are famished by the end of R4. Lunch 1 provides a mental break, allowing students to recharge at the optimal time — not too early and not too late. Before lunch, many students’ energy is depleted because of classwork and tests. Most students have not eaten since 6:30 A.M. or have not eaten at all. Kenneth Cacho-Bermudez ...

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